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The Top 5 Things to See at RFID Journal LIVE! 2015

The 13th Annual RFID Journal LIVE! Conference and Exhibition is right around the corner.  The event will be running from April 15th to the 17th at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.

RFID Journal LIVE! is the largest event in the world focused on radio frequency identification (RFID) and related technologies.  With over 200 exhibitors from around the world, the conference is one of the most important of the year.  This year’s conference program will feature preconference seminars, the main conference (with keynotes and tracks), as well as classes and workshops post-conference.

With over 100 sessions to attend and more than 50 new end-user case studies, there’s a lot to take in over the course of a few days.  Before planning a schedule, consider Lowry Solutions’ recommendations and take full advantage of the event’s offerings:

1. Preconference Seminar: RFID for Warehouse and Inventory Management

The conference agenda features eight preconference seminars on April 15th, including the one on the use of RFID in warehouse and inventory management. RFID offers huge benefits for those struggling with the visibility and management of inventory.  One of the segments in this workshop is titled “Building Your RFID Business Case,” and it teaches attendees how to measure the impact of RFID on a supply chain’s performance.


2. Keynote: NFL Benefits from Next-Generation Stats and Analytics

Last year, the NFL began utilizing Zebra Technologies’ Sports Solution player tracking system.  This system is able to pinpoint the locations of each player during a game.  Data from the system provides NFL teams with information that either wasn’t recorded before or had to be recorded manually – like how fast/far a player moves or how much time is spent in the huddle.


3. Post-Conference Seminar: RFID in Manufacturing Technical Workshop

This post-conference workshop is perfect for those concerned with the critical issues faced by manufacturers: meeting tagging requirements, tracking work-in-progress, and improving visibility and traceability.


4. Two Co-Located Events

This year, RFID Journal LIVE! is doing something it has never done before – it is hosting the Internet of Things Conference and IEEE RFID 2015.  This is the inaugural year for the Internet of Things Conference, which will feature IoT technology leaders and solution providers.  This conference deals with technologies required to connect things to the Internet, like Wi-Fi and cloud computing.  IEEE RFID is a conference where technical information and research about RFID is exchanged.


5. Speed Networking

RFID Journal LIVE! is offering an hour-long speed networking event that is designed to help match attendees with exhibitors.  There are quite a few interesting things to see at the conference, and this is the perfect way to cut down on time spent looking for exhibitors with the products you’re looking for.


Make sure you save some time to visit Lowry Solutions at booth #736! Stop by to say hello and learn about our industry-leading solutions.  We hope you have an amazing time at RFID Journal LIVE! and are able to attend all of the events on your schedule.

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