Tablets are transforming the construction industry; consider these key factors

Tablets in the Construction Industry

A growing trend in the construction industry is implementing tablets to improve workflows and efficiencies. Although when most people think of tablets, they automatically refer back to commercialized products such as the iPad of Microsoft surface, many other factors need to be considered when members of this industry are looking to select a tablet device to implement into their operations.

These considerations include:


• Operating Temperature: Users need to make sure that the device being considered will operate in any temperature that may be encountered by the device.

• Storage Temperature: The temperature in which the tablet will be stored is essential in the selection of the device. For example, does it get put in the trunk of their car? What temperature does it get to in the trunk? How hot does it get in the summer and how cold in the winter? These are all questions that are present within the construction industry.

• IP Rating: This rating describes the level of protection that a device has from the ingress of solid objects such as dust and liquids such as water, which are present in the construction environment

• Commercial Drop Specifications: Drop specifications determine how far the tablet can be dropped without having damage. This is important in the construction industry because it gives the user confidents that the tablet can withstand the tough environment of their industry.

• Outdoor Viewable Screen: An outdoor viewable screen is something that is essential for workers in the construction industry in order to be efficient outside the four walls.

• Gorilla® Glass: This is a product made by Corning that helps to protect the display of many tablet computers. Learn more about Gorilla®Glass at This benefits users in the construction industry due to the durability of the screen

All of the above factors are key components that members of the construction industry should consider when looking to implement a tablet solution. The environment in which the construction industry works is a tough environment, and ensuring your technology can withstand that environment is crucial.