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Lowry Solutions Supplies U.S. GCSS — Army with Getac F110G3 Tablets to Meet Secure Host Baseline Mandate

Brighton, MI — Oct. 11, 2016 —Lowry Solutions, a leading Global Systems Integrator of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) solutions that improve productivity through real-time asset visibility, partnered with Getac, a leading manufacturer of rugged computers, to provide the U.S. Global Combat Support System — Army (GCSS) with over 9000 F110G3 Tablets under the Automatic Identification Technology V (AIT-V) contract.

These tablets meet the Department of Defense (DoD) Windows 10 Secure Host Baseline (SHB) Mandate, which requires all new DoD computers to have the Windows 10 operating system, as well as the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0, to provide greater security and encryption against tampering and external software attacks. All DoD computers must comply by January 2017.

Steve Lowry, Executive Vice President of Sales, Lowry Solutions

“As a proud supporter of the U.S. Military, Lowry Solutions understands the importance of securing military computer devices against any potential threats. Our government account representatives and OEM partners understand the standards laid out in the Windows 10 Secure Host Baseline Mandate, and we can easily provide the best technology and a swift implementation to help protect the military supply chain.”

About Lowry Solutions

Lowry Solutions is a Global Systems Integrator of tablet- and handheld-based RFID and barcode solutions for diverse application requirements. As the industry leader for over four decades, Lowry has been implementing real-time asset visibility solutions that improve business outcomes. The company continues to evolve alongside its customers to provide the most complete and contemporary data collection solutions available. Lowry Solutions is fully prepared to help you comply with the SHB Mandate. 888-881-2477.

About Getac

As one of the leading rugged computer manufacturers, Getac offers the most extensive rugged computing product lines including notebook, tablets, and handheld computers.


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Jeff Wallace, Integrated Marketing Manager
Lowry Solutions

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