How to Create Compliant Cannabis Labels On-Demand

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The cannabis industry is currently the fastest growing industry in the United States. With rapid growth in the emerging cannabis market comes confusing regulations for cannabis cultivators, processors, and dispensers. Without a national governing body or federal regulations in the US, cannabis industry professionals are faced with meeting regulations that vary state to state. Keeping up with this fast-growing market can be overwhelming with the frequently changing labeling regulations and tracking from seed to sale, but TEKLYNX software can help with that. How? On-demand cannabis labeling.

How On-Demand Labeling Can Help You

On-demand labeling sets your company up for success with labeling efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in the short and long-term. On-demand labeling is specifically helpful in the cannabis labeling world because of all the regulations you must comply with. Each state has their own regulations, which means each label throughout the cannabis supply chain must be compliant with whichever state they are located. With on-demand labeling, cannabis cultivators, processors, and dispensers can print labels as needed and make changes as they go without the risk of wasting obsolete pre-printed label stock. This is beneficial as pre-printed labels often have large minimum order quantities. On-demand labeling also helps companies maintain better control of their own branding and graphics. Below is a quick example of the difference between a few compliant cannabis labels:

Cannabis Labeling Cannabis Labeling   Cannabis Labeling

Cannabis labels for many US states are similar in design and concept, however there are important differences in the required data. Illinois cannabis labeling allows you to choose to display the weight in ounces or grams. California cannabis labeling requires the weight in grams, as well as the name of the testing lab. With on-demand labeling, label information can be populated by using pre-approved label templates in order to save you time with the variations of cannabis labels. This gives you the ability to print the specific label you need without having to waste your pre-printed label stock, or spend time switching out your pre-printed label stock in your printer. Learn more in our eBook, On-Demand Labeling for the Cannabis Industry

How You Can Create Cannabis Labels

TEKLYNX advanced barcode labeling solution, CODESOFT, integrates seamlessly with over 3,000 thermal, thermal transfer, and color printers, and virtually any type of database in order to help you barcode better and design all state regulated labels for your cannabis products. Our software also integrates with state-mandated reporting tools such as METRC or Cannabis Resource Planning (CRP) software like BioTrackTHC, to ensure that all data is submitted to the states from seed to sale and it appears accurately on your labels.

Click here to download a free, 30-day trial to start creating your cannabis labels with CODESOFT barcode label software.

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