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How Modern Barcode Solutions Increase Distribution Center Productivity

From picking, packing, and shipping to receiving, putaway, and replenishment, your distribution center operations are complex. Slim margins and fierce competition leave no room for error — and the race to improve never ends.

Operational efficiencies can be improved by gaining even mere seconds from each workflow — improving the overall time and cost savings. Reducing the number of steps workers take over the course of a day, eliminating battery changes mid-shift, and using one device for multiple purposes are all ways to increase efficiency.

Additionally, picking accuracy is extremely important to management as a way to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Mis-picks continue to be an ongoing issue in warehouses and distribution centers, and new technology and processes can seriously reduce the rate of mis-picks in your business.

Since nearly 60% of distribution cehoneywell-distribution-center-1nter operating cost is associated with direct labor, containing these costs and improving worker productivity is paramount to the success of the operation. The proper equipment eliminates unnecessary physical steps your workers take every day. Little by little, each step your workers take will add up to lost productivity — and as they say, it’s the little things that matter.

For example, the industry-leading Honeywell motion-tolerant imaging scanners quickly read barcodes as close as six inches and as far away as 50 feet. This means that forklift operators remain productive, since they can scan labels on the floor and the highest racks with one device. And by using Honeywell’s rugged mobile printers — which deliver 30% faster first-label-out performance than the nearest competitor — taking the label to the product in receiving, putaway, and flow through operations eliminates even more unnecessary foot travel.

Ever-increasing pressure to contain costs and meet evolving customer expectations requires distribution centers to adapt with greater accuracy and productivity. Lowry Solutions understands the demands on your distribution center and will help you overcome these challenges with innovative products, software, and services, which we develop based on direct customer feedback to deliver unbeatable user preference and bottom-line results.

We provide fully customizable and integrated solutions and a complete line of industry-leading Honeywell products, including:

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