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Honeywell Dolphin CT50h Clinical Smartphone Helps Clinicians Better Focus on Their Patients

As healthcare consumers, we increasingly seek out hospitals and healthcare providers that provide the best quality of care and an overall satisfying experience. To meet that desire and extend care beyond the hospital, providers want to better connect doctors and nurses to their patients, turning their staff into “connected clinicians.”

By equipping more doctors and nurses with mobile devices and portable tools, patients can receive the focused care they desire and greater interaction with hospital staff. Connectivity not only improves the experience of doctors and nurses, but also has a direct, positive impact in the quality of care patients receive.

Honeywell is bringing its vision for the “connected clinician” to life with the recent launch of its Dolphin CT50h clinical smartphone, which is specially designed to help clinicians better focus on their patients.

The Dolphin CT50h provides:

  • Powerful, versatile platform with best-in-class processing and memory capabilities empowers clinicians with instant and reliable access to mission-critical data
  • Full-shift battery power that lasts a full 12-hour shift, ensuring no downtime is necessary for clinicians to swap batteries
  • Unparalleled scanning performance with next-generation 2D imager quickly and accurately reads linear and 2D barcodes on virtually any medium, including vials, syringes, IV bags, and patient wristbands
  • Disinfectant-ready housing is specifically designed to withstand frequent exposure to recommended cleaning solutions in the healthcare industry
  • Future-proofed for Android OS is powered by Android 4.4.4 with an upgrade path to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, enabling your healthcare organization to maximize IT investments

As the need for mobility increases in healthcare, connected clinicians need solutions that support communications and access to information while still allowing them to provide patient care.Honeywell Dolphin CT50h

That’s why Honeywell designed the Dolphin CT50h clinical smartphone. It supports:

  • The most advanced connected mobile user experiences
  • The latest mobile EMR and nursing applications
  • Secure care team communication

As a result, the CT50h device equips your clinicians and healthcare staff to deliver patient-centered care more efficiently, while more effectively managing a wide variety of tasks throughout their many workflows.

Allowing mobile clinicians to be connected not only improves clinical workflows. It also allows real-time management of alarms or access to patient vitals from anywhere in the hospital.

Features and benefits include:

  • Sleek, pocketable design that’s easy to use
  • Quad-core processor and more memory, so applications will run faster
  • Next-generation 2D barcode imager for unparalleled data capture performance on linear and 2D barcodes
  • Vivid Corning Gorilla Glass protected display in a disinfectant-ready housing
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • The highest degree of future-proofing

There is no better time to redefine the patient experience, and Lowry Solutions and Honeywell remain committed to developing innovative solutions that improve patient care.

Contact your Lowry sales representative for a hands-on demonstration of the latest Honeywell Dolphin CT50h clinical smartphone.

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