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From the eyes of an intern

As this summer comes to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to share a letter one of our Summer Interns wrote reflecting upon her experience.  Jaclyn Sarandera, a senior at Pinckney New Tech High School took part in our internship program.  This summer Lowry helped 17 students from New Tech fulfill their 40 hour internship requirement as a part of their high school graduation.

Below is a reflection upon her experience:

As a student in Pinckney High School New Tech Program, I try to take every opportunity I can in order to better my future and make the most out of my learning experience. When the opportunity came up to receive an internship from Lowry, I knew that I needed to be one of the chosen students to be a part of this program. In school we were required to come up with a resolution for one of Lowry’s products and present it in front of many elite business partners in their company. My group was assigned to come up with an idea of how to implement RFID into real world situations. Not long after we had presented our idea, we had received an email to inform us if we got the internship or not. To my surprise, I had been one of the students chosen. My first reaction to this news was that I was excited, but a little apprehensive. I had no idea what to expect and what they would have me do, but I kept and open mind and went through with starting the internship.

I had been chosen to work with the sales and marketing team at Lowry. I have always had a desire to be in marketing when I go off to college, so I figured this opportunity would be a good indicator if I would like the field or not. During my internship I worked on three projects, all of which I liked very much and I felt comfortable doing. The work I was required to complete challenged me and a lot of critical thinking was required.  When I first decided to take the internship from Lowry, I was not too thrilled about working in a cubicle all day and feeling out of my comfort zone, but when I talked to my parents about the opportunity I had received they were thrilled and so excited for me to start, so I knew that I needed to go through with it. They thought I would get some great experience from it and it would teach me a lot of good life lessons. I never really knew what they were trying to imply, until after I completed my internship. I am currently employed in another job, but it has not taught me as much as Lowry has. This internship did not only teach me marketing and sales techniques, it taught me a lot about what the real world is like. I have learned what it is like to work with an older crowd of real business people and it has showed me how to take my work more serious and in a more professional matter.

Overall I am very happy I took this internship because it did teach me a lot of things, a lot that you can’t just hear or read about. If I didn’t actually do the work, put myself out there and if I wasn’t open to this learning experience I would have never learned all the great things I did from working for this company. I am very thankful I had this opportunity and would recommend it to anyone who is trying to prepare themselves for a successful future.

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