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Five Ways Managed Print Supplies Boost Your Bottom Line

How much time do you spend thinking about bottom-line results in your business? It’s a safe bet that the answer is “plenty.”

So, how would you react if we told you there’s a source of savings that can have a significant impact on bottom-line results hiding in plain sight within many manufacturing organizations and distribution companies?

Well, business leaders turn to Lowry for answers, not questions. And in this case, the answer is a managed printer consumables and supplies program. Specifically, Lowry’s flexible managed inventory options that unlock potential savings and ensure you have the right supplies at the right time with make-and-hold or blanket-order agreements.

The power of a Lowry Managed Print Supplies Program is twofold. First, it’s the easiest, most reliable way to avoid unexpected inventory shortages that lead to costly delays in your operations. Second, a Managed Print Supplies Program can unlock potential savings and drive more profit to your bottom line.

Here’s a brief look at five cost-saving opportunities.

Volume Discounts: Like many commodities, label pricing is often driven by volume: the more you order, the more you save. But you don’t necessarily need to place bigger orders all at once to capture savings. Lowry’s Managed Print Supplies Programs offer the potential for volume discounts that leverage your long-term requirements to capture savings that aren’t available with a series of smaller orders.

Lower Freight Costs: With a Managed Print Supplies Program, rather than ordering supplies separately and paying for shipping on each order, you can bundle your orders together to take advantage of consolidated shipments that reduce your overall delivery expenses.

Reduced Inventory Carrying Costs: Everyone wants to avoid tying up capital in excess inventory that sits on a shelf for an extended time. A Managed Print Supplies Program optimizes the amount of stock you need to keep on hand, using regular replenishment to ensure you don’t run out.

Lower Administrative Costs: Managing labels, ribbons and other print supplies can be time-consuming and require a lot of paperwork. A Managed Print Supplies Program can significantly reduce that administrative workload. Instead of hours spent managing inventory and reorders, your front-office staff will have time to focus on other critical business priorities.

Price Protection: Nobody likes a surprise price increase, especially in the middle of a budget cycle. A Managed Print Supplies Program may offer the flexibility to lock in pricing for a pre-determined time period. This price protection guards against price increases and gives you the predictability needed to avoid unexpected costs and meet budget expectations.

Saving money is a compelling reason to take a long, hard look at a Managed Print Supplies Program, but there are other benefits, too. As mentioned above, it’s a reliable way to ensure you always have the necessary stock of labels and other supplies you need to maximize productivity. That alone can have a massive impact on your bottom line.

When you work on a Managed Print Supplies Program with Lowry, we’ll take a thorough look into all of your printing needs. Then, we’ll apply our decades of experience and printing expertise to optimize every aspect of your operation for success.

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