Enterprise Labeling Software, Part 2: How To Automate High-Volume Label Printing

Originally appeared on The Human Readable Blog, by TEKLYNX.


Printing one label might sound simple, but what about printing 1,000 labels? The ability to print thousands of labels per day is a requirement for many companies, and this can be a challenge when those thousands of labels all need to be populated with unique data.

As difficult as it might sound, printing thousands of labels per day can be easy with the correct enterprise labeling software. In this blog, learn three ways for easier high-volume label printing through the incorporation of smart label templates, ERP integration, and print automation to an unlimited number of printers.

Use Smart Label Templates

If your company is printing thousands of labels per day, there is no time to search through a large library of label files. Especially if your company has numerous products that need labeling, searching for the correct static label is inefficient and time consuming – time you don’t have when you’re printing a high-volume of labels.

With smart label templates connected to your business database, you can greatly reduce the number of label files required, while efficiently populating them with correct variable data. Simply connect your smart label template to your database and let your enterprise label software do the work for you! Smart label templates are in-sync with your database, so when you update the information in your system, your labels are automatically updated. One company eliminated 6,000 static label files and dramatically reduced their label process time. Read the case study here.

If you are already maintaining hundreds or thousands of label files, don’t worry – TEKLYNX is here to help. We’ve helped countless companies consolidate their label files into templates, and we can help you too. Learn more.

Integrate with your ERP System

Organizations often leverage data from their business systems in their barcode labeling process in a manual fashion. If your company is printing a high-volume of labels, using a manual process to open, populate, and print each individual label is not a viable option. Integrating your ERP system with your enterprise labeling software will eliminate the manual task of opening each label, populating the data, and clicking print, expediting your labeling process.

With ERP integration, high-volume label printing is easy, giving you the ability to print entire work orders with a click of a button. Here is what the process might look like:

  1. Open ERP system
  2. Release work order
  3. ERP system sends entire order’s label print job to printer

Enterprise Labeling Software, Part 2: How to Automate High-Volume Label Printing

This process is completely flexible to your company’s needs and can be customized to trigger label printing based on whatever ERP action is most appropriate.

TEKLYNX’ unique integration method means that upgrading is a breeze – not a hassle. Our ERP labeling solution relies on simple integration, avoiding complex system integration and constraints. Your ERP system simply adds a record to a database or generates a flat file with the information needed to print. The label printing system sees the new record or file and triggers the print job. When it comes time to upgrade your ERP system, as long as it can continue to generate the flat file, your integrated enterprise label printing software from TEKLYNX will continue to work seamlessly.

Print to an Unlimited Number of Printers

For high-volume label printing, chances are you are going to need more than just a couple of printers. Printing hundreds to thousands of labels using a single printer would take all day and clog the production line. Even worse, if the printer malfunctions, production would have to completely stop since no labels are being printed, creating a huge mess.

With TEKLYNX print automation software, SENTINEL, you have the ability to print to an unlimited number of printers. SENTINEL allows the administrator to define priorities for printers, ensuring a smooth label printing process even when print jobs are triggered at the same time. Through the use of SENTINEL, Dot Foods, the largest food industry redistributor in North America, was able to achieve high-volume label printing by printing to 300+ printers within their one million square foot distribution center.

As your company grows, your printer inventory will increase too – by utilizing TEKLYNX barcode label software, you don’t run the risk of hitting a printer limit or overwhelming your enterprise label printing software.

Enterprise Labeling Software for High-Volume Label Printing

High-volume label printing can be a time consuming and a challenging process, but with the right enterprise labeling software it doesn’t have to be!

With TEKLYNX print automation software, SENTINEL, labels can be created and printed to multiple printers simultaneously in seconds. SENTINEL leverages CODESOFT for efficient label design using smart label templates and database connections to speed up your labeling processes and minimize errors.

SENTINEL can easily be integrated with any ERP system such as SAPOracle, or a custom application, making high-volume label printing from your enterprise labeling software a breeze.

Request a free consultation of SENTINEL today and learn how to improve your high-volume label printing.