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Do You Have A Plan to Implement Mobile Device Management?

Do you have a plan? 

I’m referring to a plan to manage the mobile devices within your organization.

A recent CompTIA survey shows that only 24% of companies currently have a policy in place to govern the use of mobile devices that are either supplied by the company or owned by the employee.

The benefits have been touted immensely in the last couple of years, and the adoption rate is increasing. However, there are still many companies that are holding off because they just don’t have a plan to implement mobile device management.

What’s holding you back? 

Many companies that don’t believe their employees are using the office WiFi system for personal devices are mistaken. Not only do people find ways to get their devices online at work, many are using them in coffee houses and airports to access company data where wireless security is not the major priority. Even a device not on the network is constantly flooding your wireless space with automatic attempts to find a WiFi to attach to.

There are now many applications designed to help implement mobile device management, but this is only part of a cohesive plan for managing the overall impact on the computing environment that these devices pose.

What can implementing a mobile device management plan do for you?

Some other aspects that a mobile device management plan can address include:

  • Ways of presenting data to employees
  • Encryption of data through the air
  • Separating company from personal data
  • What to do if a device is lost or stolen

Not to mention a host of other considerations and benefits.

Like any other IT initiative, when all is said and done your implementation is only as good as your plan. At Lowry Solutions, we have been dealing with mobile devices for over 30 years. It’s second nature to us, and we welcome an invitation to discuss your mobile device plans.


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