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Device as a Service – Tailormade for the Automotive Supply Chain

Equipping your team with the right device, at the moment they need it has never been so easy.  Wouldn’t it be great to never worry about device management from deployment to lifecycle monitoring?  Device as a Service (DaaS) partnerships with Lowry Solutions gets the right tools into your team’s hands and ensures they are fully equipped to meet any challenge. Lowry Solutions is uniquely equipped to provide DaaS partnerships to the automotive supply chain – meaning no more clip boards, audit sheets, or manual entries. Data collection is simplified to a quick barcode scan.

End the cycle of unexpected downtime because of device failures. Let the device experts at Lowry Solutions protect your bottom line with fast deployment, lifecycle monitoring, ongoing support and simple device replacement. Once you partner with Lowry Solutions, your team can expect:

  • Real time location data
  • Faster inventory and asset audits
  • Automatic data updates

DaaS Automotive Partnerships

Lowry provides solutions empowers you to track inventory, including any parts, tools, or finished automobiles that cross your line, while saving time and money and reducing loss, no matter where your organization is within the automotive supply chain. The right DaaS automotive partnership means a quality-of-work life upgrade for your team and countless force multipliers for your operation.

Many still think of DaaS partnerships as just computers and printers, but Lowry Solutions is bringing the service to the automotive industry with unprecedented capabilities. With scanning solutions ranging from Fixed RFID, Smart Label Solutions Portals to Tunnel Scanning, our experts will assist you in mapping the perfect solution for your operation. Don’t let the competition get a step ahead – engage the latest DaaS offerings first, and improve your productivity.  Let this be your opportunity to acquire market share through optimization.

Lowry Solutions has been providing high-quality products to the automotive industry for decades, plus we’re located in the heart of the auto industry, near Detroit, MI. Lowry Solutions has been at the vanguard of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology adoption for nearly 20 years. Partner with us for a difference that must be experienced to be understood. Contact us online today, or give us a call at 888-881-2477, to experience the difference a DaaS provider focused on the automotive industry will make.

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