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Cannabis Product Labeling: How to Meet Regulatory Requirements

Now that cannabis has been legalized for medical or recreational use in 28 US states as well as Canada, professional growers and cannabis-related businesses are quickly discovering that legalization comes with a growing list of regulations.Cannabis Labeling Regulations

These regulations include product labeling and packaging requirements. The requirements vary by state or country, but they often involve child-resistant packaging as well as the inclusion of batch or lot codes, license numbers, quantities and liquid unit measurements, nutrition facts, allergen labeling, and contaminant testing statements.

Non-compliant growers and product manufacturers can see their products removed from dispensary shelves, which is bad for your business and customers alike.

To avoid these issues and ensure compliance, it’s crucial to be familiar with product labeling and packaging laws and regulations in your state, as well as pending or possible new regulations that may become law.

For example, the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation, in collaboration with the US National Cannabis Industry Association, recently issued its Regulatory Recommendations for States and Nations.

These guidelines aren’t binding, but they’re likely to significantly influence the cannabis industry and state lawmakers and regulators.

The industry is trying to encourage greater regulatory consistency by providing model guidelines supported by in-depth research, analysis, and input from various stakeholders and experts. Thus, these recommendations could be a sign of what’s to come in the near future of cannabis labeling and packaging.

Regardless of how things unfold in the future, cannabis growers and related businesses need to take immediate steps to make sure they comply with current and are prepared to meet future regulatory requirements.

This includes having the right product labeling technologies and supplies in place to meet those requirements, along with a reliable third-party vendor who can help navigate the complexities of labeling compliance and provide expert guidance.

Fortunately, although the legal cannabis industry is relatively new in the United States and Canada, compliance labeling has been around for decades in the food and medical industries as well as many others.

This provides cannabis growers and related businesses with a built-in advantage. Many third-party vendors already have the tools, technologies, and proven expertise to help your company meet today’s labeling and packaging regulatory requirements and also be prepared to quickly respond to new regulations as they evolve in the future.

For example, at Lowry Solutions, we’ve been serving the food industry and medical device manufacturers since 1974, providing product labeling, automated print and apply technology, barcoding, and software solutions to meet stringent compliance standards.

Building on a foundation of Zebra’s enterprise-grade label printers, barcode scanners, mobile computers, and supplies, we deliver complete compliance labeling solutions for our clients, including software, hardware, labels, and more.

Now that cannabis is becoming legalized in so many states and countries, we’re applying our decades of labeling experience to help the cannabis industry meet labeling and packaging regulatory standards, while minimizing the total cost and time required for compliance.

For example, by deploying Zebra printing, labeling, and barcoding systems, we’re able to deliver best-in-class hardware that produces clear, professional labels with all required information for compliance. By incorporating 1D and 2D barcodes, we also make it easy to label, track, and trace all cannabis-related products.

Importantly, Zebra’s solutions are also extremely durable and engineered for continuous, long-term performance, which minimizes servicing and repair costs. The result is an adaptable, reliable solution that helps ensure compliance both now and well into the future.

Getting Help with Cannabis Labeling & Packaging Requirements

Our team at Lowry Solutions will help you explore the relevant regulatory requirements for your cannabis products and help you build or upgrade an ideal and cost-effective compliance labeling solution. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation.