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With what’s happening in the world right now regarding COVID-19, you’re probably trying to do more with less in your manufacturing facility. In the current state that manufacturing is in – lower operational headcount and unpredictable production volume – eliminating manual steps is a necessity.

By eliminating manual steps in your labeling environment, you will gain efficiency, flexibility, scalability, accuracy, and reliability: benefits that will last through the pandemic and carry your company into the recovery period. Within this blog post we will give you multiple examples on how you can do more with less in your labeling environment with a little help from TEKLYNX.


Gaining efficiency in your labeling environment is a goal for many manufacturers no matter what’s going on in the world. Efficient labeling processes will help set you up for labeling success now and into the future.

  • Time is of the essence to us all, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and creating labels from scratch can be time-consuming and overwhelming for label designers, which is why we have created easy-to-use label samples. With each new version of LABEL MATRIXLABELVIEW, and CODESOFT, label samples are reviewed and updated to ensure they comply with the most recent regulations. Whether you are labeling hazardous chemicals, medical devices, food products, or automotive parts, leverage TEKLYNX label samples to get a head start on labeling compliance and label design.
  • Removing manual steps in your printing process is a sure-fire way to gain efficiency in your labeling environment. By utilizing PortWatch, a powerful feature within CODESOFT Enterprise, you gain efficiency and simplify your printing process by cutting manual steps out. PortWatch allows you to add variable data from a device to your labels automatically, which limits the human interaction with your labels and in turn helps minimize human errors.
  • Other benefits of PortWatch:
    • Print labels instantaneously without manual data entry
    • Increase print speed within your labeling environment
    • Reduce label waste
    • Collect data from several devices such as:
      • Scanners
      • Scales
      • Keyboards
      • And more!

Click below to check out a 43-second demonstration to see how PortWatch works!

  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry, reduce errors, and simplify your printing process by utilizing print automation. Print automation can be defined as, “a centralized technology that replaces the manual process of triggering a print job within a labeling environment.” With TEKLYNX print automation solution, SENTINEL, you can enable printing out of your ERP, WMS, or other business systems, including custom applications.
  • SENTINEL allows you to:
    • Completely automate your label printing process
    • Print to an unlimited number of printers
    • Initiate printing directly from any business system

Check out our quick video to see all the key features of SENTINEL.


During uncertain times, many manufacturers need to respond quickly to short-term changes in supply and demand while also preparing for long-term recovery from situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.  There are multiple ways to create a higher level of flexibility in your labeling environment, below are just a few.

  • We understand that every business is different, which is why we offer a variety of licensing options so you can choose the one that is right for your business. Whether you would like to purchase the software outright with an easy, one-time payment, or lease the software for a lower cost of entry with recurring payments, we have a licensing option that fits your needs.Subscription
    • TEKLYNX is the only barcode label design software developer to offer a subscription licensing option. You have the choice between a 1-, 3-, or 5-year subscription license.


    • You can purchase a perpetual license for an easy, one-time payment for your barcode labeling software.

    Network License

    • If you have more than one user that will need to use the software at a time, a network license is for you. You have the option to purchase a network license for 3 or 5 users with the ability to add on an additional 5 users at a time.

    Virtual Machine (VM)

    • If you want or need to run your TEKLYNX software on a Virtual Machine (VM), you can purchase a VM license.

Want more information on our licensing options? Contact TEKLYNX in your region or watch this quick video below for more information.

  • By integrating your label printing system with your ERP system, such as Oracle and SAP, you can expect to minimize errors, increase print speeds, and maximize your ROI. Your business system already holds the variable data such as product information, lot numbers, shipping addresses, packing lists, order numbers, and more. By systematically sending this data to the right label template at the right time, labeling becomes an efficient and cost-effective process.
  • A common misconception is that a deeper integration equals a better integration, but what about when it’s time to upgrade? With TEKLYNX ERP integration, we rely on simple integration, avoiding complex system constraints. Your ERP system simply adds a record to a database or generates a flat file with the information needed to print. The label printing system sees the new record or file and triggers the print job. When it comes time to upgrade your ERP system, if it can continue to generate the flat file, your integrated barcode label software will continue to work seamlessly. To learn more about our integration, check out our free eBook, Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf Solutions: It’s a Tough Choice, but it Shouldn’t Be.


Perhaps you need solutions for simple labeling processes to respond to temporary requirements, or your business needs to scale up quickly to respond to spike in demands as a result of COVID-19 or to prepare for coming out of this pandemic.  Whatever your needs are, think about short-term and long-term goals for solutions that can sustain alongside your business.

  • At TEKLYNX, we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay additional fees to use your label design software on each printer. Instead, we are the only barcode labeling software provider who licenses our barcode label design software per simultaneous user, with cost-effective multi-user network licensing options. As your company grows, your printer inventory has the possibility of increasing – by utilizing TEKLYNX barcode label software, you don’t run the risk of paying for more printers as you grow or going over budget with each additional printer.
  • If you use the same data for your documents (like order receipts, bills of materials, or packing lists) and labels, moving document printing into your label design software makes sense logistically. TEKLYNX advanced label creation and integration software, CODESOFT, enables label and document printing standardization by allowing multiple database records to be on one file. That means, when new documents or labels come into your database, your software can seamlessly integrate.


In a time where responding to the changing market needs to happen very quickly, where costs are being scrutinized, and when errors cannot happen – you need to set up your labeling environment to have high levels of accuracy.  With more accurate labels you will reduce waste, eliminate returns due to mislabeled product, and will gain more efficiencies that will save you money and time.

  • Using forms in your label printing process can separate print users from the design interface to ensure data is formatted correctly and no unintended edits are made. Form Designer is a tool that helps enforce user roles within your team, distinguishing between the label designer and the person that clicks print. Form Designer is unique in the sense that the print user doesn’t even have to open the label design software in order to print labels.

Check out our Form Designer and Form Editor video to learn more.

  • Set up your barcode label printing system to monitor a database to populate variable data and automatically print barcode labels – without any human interaction necessary. Having your barcode label printing process fully automated with your business system means less time spent interacting with your label designer.
  • On-demand labeling allows designers to create a smart label template that incorporates variable data & images, so you can design and print labels as you need them. Printing labels on-demand eliminates inventory of pre-printed label stock and associated label waste due to misprints, which can result in total label cost reduction. Epson’s line of ColorWorks label printers work seamlessly with TEKLYNX native printer drivers that enables true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) on-demand color label printing.


Manufacturing is faced with many obstacles during these challenging times due to COVID-19 – ensuring workers are safe, keeping operations at 100% capacity with potentially fewer people, creating contingency plans that may be changing daily.  In an environment that is changing very quickly right now, you need labeling solutions that are reliable to evolve with you. You may also need to lean more on your partners than you ever have in the past.  TEKLYNX is here for you.

  • At TEKLYNX, we know that success needs support, so we work around the clock to help you barcode better. TEKLYNX customers in North, Central, and South America, Australia, and New Zealand can give us a call at +1 888-629-4444 and get a live person on the line from 8 AM to 5 PM (U.S. Central Time) Monday – Friday. Regardless of whether you are considering TEKLYNX for the first time or you have been a long-time customer, we are here for you. For TEKLYNX customers in other regions, view our Global Locations page for contacts in your region.
  • Maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) of your barcode label software with a TEKLYNX Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA). An SMA entitles you to no-cost label design version upgrades, unlimited free access to technical support for label design products, regardless of support cycle, and one free basic and one free advanced online training webinar per year. An SMA can be added on to new perpetual licenses of LABEL MATRIX, LABELVIEW, or CODESOFT.
  • If you don’t have the time or resources to design your labels, create a custom interface, train your employees, or more, we’re here for you! TEKLYNX offers multiple professional services to help you and your company barcode better. Some professional services options are below:Custom Label Design
    • Whether you need to meet an industry regulation, a company directive, or a customer requirement, let TEKLYNX experts design your labels for you. Regardless of the complexities and customization required by your business, or the size of your label design needs, we are here to help.


    • We can help uncover creative ways to enable label printing during the COVID-19 pandemic, become more lean, develop centralization strategies, and much more.

    Custom Training

    • TEKLYNX offers individualized remote training sessions based on your application, designed specifically to meet your needs or requirements.

To learn more about how TEKLYNX can help you do more with less, contact TEKLYNX in your region.

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