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How an Apparel RFID Locator System Works

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) is a widely used technology that provides effective inventory management across a wide range of industries. An RFID tag for apparel can provide effective tracking throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and more.

The market for RFID location and tracking systems has grown to over $10 billion worldwide and will only continue to grow into the future. Apparel manufacturers, distributors, and retailers can all benefit from the benefits that RFID apparel tags offer.

How Does an RFID Apparel Tag Work?

RFID tracking relies on a relatively simple technology in innovative ways. There are two main types, each with its primary uses. The first is the passive RFID tag. They are small and cost-effective because they rely on power from an external RFID scanner, meaning they don’t require any batteries.

There’s an antenna inside the RFID tag. The RFID scanner generates a magnetic field that induces a current in the antenna. The antenna then transmits a signal that the scanner reads. The signal contains information, much like a traditional bar code does, with the big difference being that RFID tags can also be changed by the RFID reader.

Passive RFID tags are useful in many applications and can serve as an effective alternative to barcodes almost anywhere. Passive RFID in apparel also sees use in loss prevention. RFID allows retailers to quickly take stock of inventory in a matter of minutes with a wave of a scanner.

This is an incredibly useful application but is just a small part of what apparel RFID tags can do. Behind the scenes, battery-powered active RFID tags play a vital role in asset management.

RFID Apparel Tracking Solutions

Active RFID asset tagging presents manufacturers and distributors with many more opportunities for effective asset management. These tags feature not just memory and an antenna but batteries as well. This makes it possible to extend the range of RFID tracking significantly.

Instead of scanning tags manually, this type of RFID tracking continuously sends out location information that can be monitored and managed by a centralized system. As a result, RFID asset tracking software can greatly simplify production and warehouse management.

The primary tradeoff between active and passive RFID tagging is cost. The added batteries make active RFID tags larger, more expensive and require additional labor to change batteries.

However, new developments in RFID technology have made active tracking a viable solution in more applications than ever before. In the past, cost and battery life meant that active tagging was only justifiable for high-value assets. Today, lower production costs and reduced power consumption have made apparel RFID tracking viable throughout the supply chain.

The Benefits of RFID Clothing Tag Locators

An RFID location system provides numerous benefits for both manufacturers and distributors. It provides an effective way to track and trace parts in any industry, with apparel being a prime example.

Among the most significant benefits is cost. An RFID clothing tag for apparel is very inexpensive compared to other location tracking technologies that use GPS, Bluetooth, or WiFi. This is particularly true for passive asset tracking solutions. These can be incredibly effective for process and shipping management while maintaining the lowest costs possible.

Manufacturers and distributors who process large volumes of apparel can benefit from the low cost and flexibility of an RFID tag locator system. RFID tags for tracking can be printed on-site, further reducing costs and increasing convenience and flexibility.

Modern RFID scanners make processing apparel with passive RFID tags incredibly easy. These scanners can read through boxes, significantly simplifying scanning over traditional barcodes that require a clear line of sight. They even read multiple tags simultaneously. Tracking the movement of any asset through production, warehousing, and shipping is incredibly straightforward with an RFID tag for apparel.

Relying on RFID tracking also significantly reduces the chance of human error. With the right asset tracking software, RFID technology can improve accuracy and reduce the inefficiency that incomplete and inaccurate location tracking causes.

Delve into RFID technology’s exceptional benefits in enhancing asset management in the apparel industry for manufacturers and distributors.

  • Cost-effective: RFID for apparel is more affordable than GPS, Bluetooth, or WiFi trackers, especially for passive tracking, cutting operational costs.
  • Flexible Printing: On-site RFID tag printing enhances flexibility and convenience, streamlining operations for manufacturers and distributors.
  • Easy Processing: Modern RFID scanners simplify apparel processing by reading RFID clothing tags through boxes and detecting multiple tags simultaneously, boosting efficiency.
  • Error Reduction: RFID tracking minimizes human error, improving accuracy and efficiency in production, warehousing, and shipping.

The Enhanced Features of RFID Locator System Software

The RFID locator tags and scanners are just a part of what makes this type of location tracking so effective. Whether for applications at the point of sales or on the factory floor, effective asset tracking solutions rely on robust software to make the most of what RIF technology can offer.

Lowry Solutions provides a wide range of RFID technology and software options, including custom RFID consulting and implementation.

The Sonaria asset management software provides straightforward asset status tracking for retail, manufacturing, and warehousing applications. It’s compatible with both dedicated RFID scanners and as an app using the built-in RFID scanning capabilities of Android devices.

Our RFID Middleware software allows for even more versatile and comprehensive RFID locator systems. It incorporates the best features of asset tracking solutions to provide the highest level of information on assets. This includes not just location information but information on the asset’s current stage in the production or shipping process.

RFID in Apparel With Lowry Solutions

RFID apparel tags serve as a powerful tool for effective asset tracking and management. With the right software and support from Lowry Solutions, any organization can enjoy reduced costs, improved accuracy, and additional unique features of RFID locators for apparel.

Lowry Solutions provides both RFID clothing tags and a wide range of other asset tracking solutions. Lowry Solutions has been providing innovative solutions in RFID and other technologies since 1974 and can help any organization take control of its asset tracking and management.

Scheduling a consultation with Lowry Solutions today could be the best move any organization can make towards finding an effective asset tracking solution.

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