7 Advantages Line Matrix Printers Offer over Laser Printers

For businesses that operate in industrial environments, rugged, reliable and efficient printers that can handle multi-part forms and barcode labels are extremely important.  But what type of printer is best at handling extreme humidity, temperatures, dirt, and dust? A common misconception is that laser printers are an upgrade to line matrix printers and that line matrix printers are loud and difficult to operate. However, line matrix printers offer businesses quite a few advantages over laser printers.

Line matrix and laser printers do have the same basic function: they print documents. But, beyond that, these two types of printers are vastly different.  Line matrix printers are specifically designed to work in industrial environments, often leveraging metal casings for reliable performances.  Businesses that frequently make use of multi-part forms could take advantage of the line matrix printing technology, which uses dot hammers to make contact with the paper.

The designs of line matrix and laser printers greatly impact their functionalities. In order to gain a better understanding of the advantages of line matrix printers, download our eBook: 7 Advantages Line Matrix Printers Offer Over Laser Printersline matrix printers