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by Christine Weber / Zebra

Learn how you can speed up operations and improve your KPIs simply by changing which labels you put on your products, packages and pallets.

Believe it or not, your workers’ productivity isn’t totally in their control. They are often at the behest of the labels you use to identify, track and trace inventory.

That’s right. The performance of your thermal printing supplies can literally make or break your ability to meet key performance indicators (KPI), and it’s quite possible that inefficient labels are hiding in plain sight within your organization, wreaking havoc on the productivity of your staff and creating bottlenecks in your operation.

If you think I’m exaggerating, join me on November 10 at 1pm Central U.S. time and I’ll show you that this is a very real problem – and one that can easily be solved!


In today’s environment, with fewer employees per shift and rising orders, utilizing the right label solution has never been more important. Because labels dictate the speed and accuracy of product identification, picking, packing, put away, inventory, shipping, receiving and stocking tasks, it is important to choose ones that fit your application. Using labels that are not optimized for your application can impact label performance and create issues across your entire operation. For example, it’s not uncommon to see workers taping or gluing on labels because they don’t have the correct adhesive for the items to which they’re being affixed. And we recently received a call from a customer who was concerned that they had to slow down their print speed in order to produce a good quality label. Come to find out, the customer was using low-quality label paper and an incompatible ribbon. Once we helped them find and switch to the right label material and ribbon for their application, label output increased by 68% because print speed increased.

In other words, many of your printing issues and inefficiencies stem from something that can be fixed quite easily. So, let’s spend 30 minutes together talking about the simple label improvement opportunities that can help speed up processes, increase your throughput, correctly route your goods and positively impact your bottom line. We’ll talk about the steps to take so that you no longer have to:

  • Use multiple color labels or manual color-coding of labels to ensure proper routing
  • Place RFID labels on plastic bags to distance the labels from metal items in order to increase read range

Register for the free Masterclasses here.

Not sure if you will benefit from this event? Ask yourself these telling questions:

  • We’ve been using the same labels for the past five, 10 or 20 years, but productivity seems to have declined following recent changes to our business system and processes? Could the labels suddenly be causing the time-consuming workarounds that are now driving higher costs?
  • How much time are my workers wasting creating workarounds for labels that are not right for the application?
  • What happens when a label doesn’t scan and my workers only have minutes to get a shipment out the door? What are those supply chain and customer impacts?
  • What happens when the line goes down because workers can’t print a readable label? How long does it take IT to get the printer back online?

If any of these questions prompt curiosity or concern, then mark your calendars and register for the free Masterclasses Now.

I’ll help you get to the source of your issues and figure out what adjustments need to be made to your thermal labeling solution.

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