View presentation regarding how to achieve 31% more efficient delivery routing by clicking here

There’s never been a more important time for companies to be able to move goods and deliver orders as efficiently as possible.

By implementing ShipTrack software and integrating it with Zebra rugged handheld mobile computers, logistics admins were able to replace spreadsheets and manual processes with a fully automated system for instant dispatching and route management. See how a ShipTrack user increased its’ delivery routing efficiency by 31%.

Learn how it works, how the system was deployed, and the amazing results our customer achieved in just a few short months. LEARN HOW TO:

  • Deploy a system for instant delivery dispatch and route management
  • Automatically assign orders by delivery address and matching driver
  • Increase your delivery routing efficiency by 31% or better
  • Get better visibility into your shipments
  • Improve the productivity and efficiency of your drivers
  • Manage it all with easy-to-use software tools