Five Facts You Need to Know about Zebra Refurbished Products

It’s likely your 2020 plans aren’t going quite as you expected. But innovation thrives in times of difficulty, and we hope our support can help see you through these tough days! One opportunity that might offer immediate benefits is the Zebra Certified Refurbished program. If you missed our overview of the program, read it here. […]

Why do refurbished Zebra products make EVEN MORE sense right now?

Every year, more than 1 million Zebra technology products are retired. As a technology manufacturer committed to their corporate responsibility, that’s a number that can have a tremendous impact on the environment. Studies show that the impact of the non-recycled end of life mobile devices around the world will soon produce a more significant carbon […]

Taking Mobile Workflows to the Next Level with Mobile Printers

Many businesses have mobilized their work forces and created automated workflows with mobile computers. But if you want to take productivity and efficiency to the next level, mobile printers are, logically, the next step. Mobile printers offer a way to bring label, tag, and receipt printing to virtually any location inside or outside the four […]

Migrating from Windows Embedded to Android: A Quick Overview

If you’ve been using Windows Embedded on your handheld mobile computers, hopefully you’ve been developing your plan to migrate to Android before Microsoft ends all support for your OS. Given the difficulties of migrating to Windows 10 IoT and Microsoft’s lack of commitment to enterprise mobile computing, Android is now the future of the entire […]

How to Use RFID for Better Food Inventory Traceability

When you’re a high-production, high-output business, you can’t use manual inventory management methods. The inefficiencies and inaccuracies hurt your profitability, and the lack of traceability can damage your brand’s reputation in the event of a recall. While barcoding is a viable option for many businesses, your output may require something more robust — RFID. If […]

How to Take Advantage of Mobile Device Geofencing

Mobility and mobile devices have become an essential part of your business operations. From manufacturing and warehousing to transportation and logistics, industries across the entire supply chain and beyond have adopted mobility technologies to increase efficiency and keep up with customers’ demands. But now that you have all these mobile devices, how do you make […]

How Modern Barcode Solutions Increase Distribution Center Productivity

Assure Seal

From picking, packing, and shipping to receiving, putaway, and replenishment, your distribution center operations are complex. Slim margins and fierce competition leave no room for error — and the race to improve never ends. Operational efficiencies can be improved by gaining even mere seconds from each workflow — improving the overall time and cost savings. […]

Remote Support: the Help Desk Capability Every Enterprise Mobility Plan Needs

Imagine you have a manufacturing plant in Arizona, but your IT help desk team is based out of Chicago. When a mobile worker at the plant has a problem with their rugged handheld device, how do you prevent downtime? Losing the use of one of your mobile computers, truck-mount computers, or other rugged handhelds results […]