The Zebra TC8000: Benefits of the Revolutionary Screen Angle

Mobile computer technology in the past 20 years hasn’t allowed for many significant boosts in productivity. So how did Zebra do it? Maybe they had to look at the problem from a different angle. When you’re trying to address problems like worker fatigue and scanning time, you have to face technology challenges straight on. The […]

The Zebra TC8000 Mobile Computer: Proven to Increase Productivity by 14%

In today’s fast-paced, accuracy-driven world of information, losing time and making mistakes by using the wrong mobile computer is not an option — especially in a warehouse. Instead, choose the opposite with the Zebra TC8000 mobile computer, which is proven to increase productivity and usability while reducing effort and total-cost-of-ownership. It’s a win-win for you […]

Is Android OS a Viable Option for Industrial Mobile Computers?

The Android operating system has gained a lot of fans in the enterprise space thanks to use by white collar employees and via “bring your own device” (BYOD) initiatives. Until recently, though, Android was only an option available on consumer-grade smartphones and tablets, which made it a risky bet for more demanding application environments. A […]

The Benefits of Mobile Device Management in the Warehouse

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions provide a centralized way to secure, monitor, manage and support mobile devices. While those benefits are most evident in widely dispersed workforces (as in field service or delivery applications), these software solutions can provide just as much value in a warehouse or distribution center. In fact, most of the key […]

How Barcode Solutions Can Benefit from Tablet Integration

As the tablet market continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly common for end users to examine how they can incorporate tablets into their current data collection solutions.   Solutions that utilize barcode scanning have been particularly active in adapting to the tablet trend.  Although rugged tablets are the future of AIDC technology, due to the […]

How Rugged Tablets Can Improve Supply Chain Operations

Tablets are one of the fastest growing rugged device form factors. According to VDC research, the market for rugged tablets grew 16% in the second quarter of 2014 over the previous year. Enterprises have begun to deploy tablets across their supply chain operations to improve performance. Rugged tablets provide the portability of the handheld computers […]

How Mobility Improves Supply Chain Management

Modern companies often use dated supply chain management technologies, including wired devices acquired through vendors that don’t communicate effectively. These obsolete supply chain management methods cause multiple issues to arise in all areas of the supply chain, from warehouse and distribution management to transportation management, yard management, and labor management. There are too many channels […]

How to Approach Mobile Device Management

Many modern businesses are implementing some form of mobility strategy – whether it is made up of corporate-owned, personal or preapproved mobile devices – to increase capability and improve productivity. However, if these devices are not managed, more capability can lead to more confusion. Mobile device management systems help businesses employing mobile and handheld technologies […]

Wireless Security: How to Keep Your Mobile Enterprise Safe

In this day and age, enterprise mobility is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. In fact, in a recent survey, the Aberdeen Group found that best-in-class enterprises are three times more likely to tie business workflow to users’ mobile devices. The challenge that many businesses are facing, though, is security. They are hesitant […]