Wireless Design Services

Wireless Network Assessment

Is your existing wireless LAN operating at peak performance or have recent moves and changes within your facility affected the coverage of your wireless network? Are there dead spots that are impacting employee productivity? Can your existing implementation support the addition of more mobile devices or more wireless applications? Lowry can assess your existing network to determine if it can support the planned mobile devices or mobile applications. The assessment includes overall system health assessment, a check of system performance, such as interference from other wireless networks that may impact your own and comprehensive mapping of the coverage and density of your wireless network.
We will deliver a full report detailing the current state of your wireless network along with recommendations for increasing its usability and stability.

Wireless Business Review

You have a wireless network, maybe not even a full implementation, but you know that there are many applications which you can take advantage of if only you had a plan of attack. Lowry is immensely capable of bridging the gap between your business desires and putting technology to work to make them happen. A Lowry Wireless Business Review starts by investigating your current processes and applications and relating them to our vast knowledge and state-of-the-art wireless practices that can increase your productivity, eliminate waste, keep your customers happy and enhance your bottom line.

Some of the areas which will be investigated include geographical usage areas, mobility requirements, throughput needs and security enforcements. The results are detailed in a Wireless Business Requirements Document which will be reviewed with you and will serve as a roadmap toward greater reach for your business.

Wireless Network Site Survey and Design

Today’s successful wireless network designers need to understand how the wireless system fits into the rest of the company’s network and its business. Through a comprehensive and repeatable process, we create a roadmap toward the successful implementation and future growth of the network as a whole. Beyond typical wireless hardware placement and configuration items, our process also includes future maintenance concerns, network and closet capacity, bandwidth requirements, application requirements, existing infrastructure including future growth and expansion plans.

The next several sections detail our view and approach to the processes involved. Some may or may not be needed in certain cases but you can be assured that Lowry is capable of designing a far reaching, robust wireless network capable of growing with your business and addressing the infrastructure needs behind it.

Using state of the art tools and equipment, Lowry will survey the area where wireless network coverage is desired to determine the number and placement of wireless access points, wireless sensors, etc. Deliverable includes access point placement and installation details, wireless coverage maps, a spectrum analysis of all Wi-Fi frequencies, scans for Wi-Fi equipment that can be “heard” within the facility and wired network interface and port capacities. Our responsibilities include:

  • Using the customer’s existing floor plan, along with details of the current or planned WLAN and radio frequency equipment at that site, to create a software model of the wireless network using WLAN survey tools.
  • Work with the customer’s staff to fully define interior details of the model and WLAN.
  • Perform a physical survey of the desired coverage areas using site scanning tools.
  • Collect data at current and projected Access Point/Access Port (AP) locations.
  • Measure standard RF survey parameters, including signal strength, Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and coverage overlap.
  • Provide a graphical representation illustrating standard survey parameters as appropriate, including AP coverage mapping, signal strength, channel interference, a list of detected rogue devices and a characterization of WLAN performance.

After gathering business requirements and performing the wireless network site survey, a network will be designed to support the business requirements. The deliverable for this service includes a network design document showing the type and placement of wireless access points, wireless sensors, including antenna models and placement. It also includes network diagrams showing connections to wiring closets, and other wired network components. This document will include a bill of material including all wireless network components including power supplies, power over Ethernet, etc. This document will also identify any locations where power will need to be installed. For outdoor placement of wireless equipment, this report will include the appropriate enclosures, lightning protection and anything required to protect the equipment from the environmental conditions. Depending on other business requirements, the report will include any security software or hardware required and the appropriate controller to support the designed network and business requirements.

Cabling Infrastructure Site Survey and Design

With today’s increased usage and reliance on wireless networks the need for matching excellence in the area of the cabling infrastructure supporting the network has become paramount. In addition to the standard wireless site survey and design, this optional service includes gathering information for the proper design of the data cabling infrastructure needed to support a proper wireless network system.

The information gathered and the design of the cabling system includes optimizing the cable pathways, determining cable support needs, barrier penetration, fire sealing, code adherence, and distribution frame patch panel capacity.

The deliverable for this service is added to the standard wireless design to create a comprehensive data closet to access point connection system. In addition, such items as cable management, data cabling Category specification, even color coding will be addressed.

Conduit/Cable Tray Site Survey and Design

We know that in many cases the cabling system for the wireless network will require additional protection than a normal office environment would require. This is the case for many open ceiling locations like warehouses and manufacturing settings. Conduit and/or cable tray design is an optional addition to our suite of Wireless Network Design services and includes a complete specification of conduit or cable tray requirements that can be given to suppliers and installers of this type of equipment to further protect your investment in the wireless network.

Our design of conduit and cable tray systems includes proper conduit/cable tray sizing, junction boxes, horizontal and vertical runs, and pull box placement. Depending on the types of cabling needed it can also include power feeds to existing and new cabinets and enclosures. Lastly, the design of conduit and cable tray is not limited to the support of the wireless system only. If there are other cabling applications that need to be addressed at the same time Lowry can add those to the design phase and create a comprehensive plan addressing all of them.

Closet/Cabinet Site Survey and Design

When creating a wireless system in an area previously unserviced, there are times when standard cable lengths are exceeded. This may force the addition of new wiring closets or cabinets which must be tied back to the network backbone. Lowry’s optional design service, Closet or Cabinet Design, creates for you a complete and comprehensive set of documents detailing the placement and population of the new closet or cabinet needed. Our design will account for location, installation method, layout and powering of the new frame. Whether it’s a hard-wall room or an enclosure on a column line this service adds to the value of having experienced Lowry engineers designing every nuance of your new wireless system.

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